Thursday, 4 August 2011

Last day exam. Haihh. . .

Assalamualaikum. how are you? still fasting? hungry yet? FOOD? hi.

            O_O ngehhhhhhh! Today, I, Aisyah binti abdul Munir, has turned dumb. because of this dreadful Friday. Friday of tough exams. it's tough for me. i dont know about the others. . . Geography. History. and surprisingly art was confusing for me.

            First it was art. and as usual we all took art for granted. we studied history and geography insted. well who doesn't right? -.-' i regretted doing that. art was oddly confusing. HARMONIC COLOURS? HARD COLOURS? PENEGASAN? whatsoever. . .  i still love art. but i love MAKING art. not study every piece of that shit!

            Secondly, Geography. DUDE THAT WAS WAY MORE CONFUSING. who in the world would study every single piece of detail in this world?! WHY CANT WE JUST LEAVE IT IN THE DICTIONARY. yes i do care about the part where it explains how the ecosystem works and all those global warming and how its made and all those other mumbo jumbos! but why in full detail?! we're just thirteen! we don't need brain surgery anytime soon!

            Lastly and most hated by all, HISTORY. i was so suckish that Fazmeer had to be my teacher. dear god, why dont i have a big memory span? The rest of the story? you'll pretty much guess.

I know i have been saying this a lot lately but, THAT ALL THE CRAP I CAN GIVE YOU. cheerio then!

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