The writer behind the curtains

                     Just a simple blogger wannabe. Thinking she might be able to make this as a place to improve her writings but turn out as a sanctuary to express herself and to share the world what a life she had.

                    She is different than others in a good yet a bad way. She studies at a normal secondary school, SMK Seksyen 19, Shah Alam. Her dreams? To be everything. Not much to be loved about. not much to be hated about. She, my friend, is special in a weird way.

                    She actually uses her weirdness to entertain people. Not hide it like it's something to be ashamed about. She used to get offended by what people said about her looks. Proof? Her braces. now? Well she ignored all the harshful things people have said and thinks herself as beautiful in her own way. Beautiful she says. "I am beautiful because of my confidence". One would call her artistic. She loves art. drawings, paintings, crafts. She looks at masterpieces and think in every single way to improve. To be that. that masterpiece. by art and soul.

                   She is not the typical girl we see everyday. She loves doing what people don't. She is brave enough to embarrass herself in public to make people smile. She loves thinking herself as an entertainer. A smile maker. She thinks it's special. She thinks herself as awesome. She, is Aisyah binti Abdul Munir.